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  • EB is an interactive online English learning and knowledge-building programme for secondary students.
  • Fun and Friends is an interactive online English language programme that uses award-winning animations, stories and videos to engage and motivate children to learn English.
  • Fun and Friends Book Club provides a set of fun, interactive readers that develop and enhance your child's English-language skills from reading and listening, to speaking and storytelling!
  • ENG is a new series developed to help students learn and use English across the curriculum, using multimedia content from National Geographic.
  • SD2 is an English skills development programme designed to help students achieve success in the HKDSE exam.
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Learning Goals

Benefits for Learners

Benefits for Educators


DSE** is an effective online HKDSE skills development programme, specifically designed to help students succeed in the Reading sections of the HKDSE English Language Examination.

DSE** provides 10 sets of relevant topical Reading HKDSE practices. Each specific practice exam aims to hone students’ exam skills by using up-to-date HKDSEE question formats, text types and DSE content.

  • Bring you relevant and current local and global issues that you may find the HKDSE examination.
  • Premium Licensed content from The Economists, Reuters, BBC, National Geographic Channel and other authentic sources

Learning Goals
  • Practise various English skills by tackling different question types and text types.
  • Become familiar with current local and global issues that may appear in the HKDSE.
  • Apply effective and strong skills to HKDSE by studying the scoring tips.
Benefits for Learners

DSE** incorporates premium licensed content from The Economist, Reuters, BBC, National Geographic Channel and other authentic sources to bring students the most topical content.

With A.I. Level Up Indicator, DSE** provides error rate for each-question, scoring tips and score prediction. Students can set personal targets and benchmark their results against those of other students in Hong Kong, with reference to the score they will obtain on the HKDSE examination.

Benefits for Educators

DSE** provides automated performance analysis and grade projection for teachers. Teachers can also keep track of students’ progress with real-time class report, form report and skill report. The teachers’ resource packs for each paper include detailed question explanation and tips for classroom teaching and learning.